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Vinyl siding

Aluminum & Vinyl Siding Painting

Are you looking to update the look of the siding of your home?

Painting home siding is something that most of us will encounter in our lifetimes so it is important to know a little bit about it. Many houses in this day and age have moved away from the rustic wooden planks or bricks to something much more practical: vinyl or aluminum siding. Living in the Alberta, vinyl and metal siding on houses is the best choice in order to face those harsh winters and blistering summers. And as summer creeps up on us, it’s the perfect time for your old siding to get freshened up!

Painting exterior aluminum siding is actually our most popular and requested service. Painting aluminum siding is when it is still in good condition but the paint coating has probably faded or in some cases totally disintegrated.

Another common problem with siding maintenance is the caulking of it. Caulking deteriorates after years of wear and tear and is a common problem with the exterior of Alberta homes. So as part of our painting service, we can repair or replace any damaged areas, change the planks repair holes or dent and re-caulk your aluminum siding to protect it from water and air leakage.

house with painted aluminum siding

If you have a house that is older, aluminum painting is an exterior painting service your home may need. Aluminum siding is an older version of siding that has been around since the 1950s. It is often used as the outer protective shell of the home because it’s so lightweight.

However, the downside is that aluminum oxidizes very easily, so the colors fade as it becomes chalky from the breakdown of the metal surface due to exposure to sunlight. While aluminum siding is long-term exterior covering, the paint that coats the corrugated metal is not.  A paint job may be needed for your home if your siding has not been treated or attended to in quite some time. Homeowners often see fading, which leads to the colors becoming old and dull. Because of this, the colors tend to have a dated look, giving a worn-out appearance.

If you want to improve your home’s curb appeal in a major way, exterior painting can make a big difference. Over the years, a home’s exterior can become weathered and aged due to exposure to the elements. This gives a home a dated appearance, especially when compared to newer homes with fresher exteriors.

From many trials and errors we have come up with the choice of surface tailored coatings and weather-proof paints for any kinds of siding and residential exterior surface your house has:

  • Aluminum siding

  • vinyl siding

  • aggregate siding

  • concrete

  • hardie board

  • stucco

  • PVC

  • aluminum window

  • fascia and gutter

Transform Your Siding Today!


Touching up your vinyl siding can work wonders towards enhancing your home’s curb appeal. Our professional house painters can transform your home’s vinyl siding with a quality paint job that is sure to give your residence a whole new look. Mill Creek Painters Ltd. has been offering homeowners unrivaled vinyl siding painting services for 10 years and counting. Our winning combination of skilled exterior home painters and high quality paints can revitalize your vinyl siding, extending its life for a decade or more. Repainting your home’s exterior adds value and longevity to your home, not to mention it will simply look better. When you choose us, you are choosing more than a house painting service. You are choosing to invest in your home’s future – in your future.

painted vinyl siding

Vinyl siding is a popular, low maintenance, and cost friendly option for homeowners. While vinyl is known to avoid peeling or chipping, it is certainly not invincible. It can warp in hot temperatures and crack in cold temperatures, and the general exposure Toronto’s climate will inevitably leave its mark on your vinyl siding. It may be news to some homeowners that it’s even possible to paint your vinyl siding – an option that will not only have your house looking better than ever, but also one that doesn’t break the bank. The long lasting benefits of painting your vinyl siding are sprucing up weathered siding to look better than new, while simultaneously protecting your home using quality coating technology. Giving your vinyl siding a quality exterior paint job provides you with the opportunity to enhance your home’s durability and update your color scheme at the same time, all for a bargain compared to the cost of having the siding replaced.

the process of painting vinyl siding


In all kinds of painting service we offer in Edmonton and Calgary, we always follow our principles that we trust and believe to deliver you the best and fastest result. Our service start when you call us and we will listen to your need and go over options and estimates. We will be very transparent and honest with you and will give you realistic yet cheapest estimates possible. Then we come to inspect you and go over all the process, color picking, and other advises. We will then cover all surrounding items including trees, plants, deck, patio, doors, and other outdoor items. We power washed your exterior sidings and other surfaces to get rid of dirt, dust, mold, and mildew, and weeds. We then repair all surface with holes, cracks, and planks before you paint. We then proceed to paint and when we finish, we will clean up and remove all masking and leave you no extra works.


If at all possible, dented pieces should be removed and replaced. This should be done without damaging the existing siding. It’s also important to examine all aspects of your siding such as soffits, gutters, and drainpipes and repair as necessary before the painting process begins. It’s never a bad idea to call the professional painters to do the job for you. They have the experience necessary to get the job done right the first time.


This step is critical as it can determine whether or not your paint job is successful. The best way to do this is – of course – to hire a professional. Professional painting contractors use machines capable of heating water and directing it at the house at around 2,500 pounds of pressure. Even though you can rent equipment such as this, there are technique issues to consider as well. Professionals know how to handle the power washers so as not to loosen or dislodge the siding.


If the paint on your siding has a chalky feel, it’s a good idea to apply a specialty primer coat that allows the paint layer to adhere to the surface. It’s important to consult a painting contractor on this step as failure to use a primer coat can cause major problems down the line.


It is possible to paint aluminum siding with a brush or roller but the best application method is still a power sprayer. And while these machines are available for purchase or to rent, it’s still a good idea to hire a professional siding contractor who has experience with refinishing aluminum siding. Handling the spray machines can be more art than science and mistakes can become readily apparent if care isn’t taken.


There are two ways to paint any residential exterior surfaces. We can either use oil or latex based paint, or we use spray paint. Not all siding can be painted with the conventional paint such as aluminum and vinyl sidings. Meanwhile, spray painting can be applied to all kinds of exterior surface, from your front doors, your wood deck and fence, and to all kind of sidings. The key is this: you want your house exterior looking like as if it is brand new, not looking like it was just repainted. Spray painting for house exterior is the best one to go because it will paint your house evenly, give glossy and brand new looks. It won’t peel and drips downward, creating saturated paint at the bottom of the surface. Spray paint is fast and easy to apply, unlike the conventional paint.

Transform Your Siding Today!

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