Door Painting Services

Complete your home’s design and set the tone of your home’s style with Mill Creek Painters’ door painting services.

Mill Creek Painters - Door Painting Service

Doors are more than just entryways; they set the tone for your home’s style. With Mill Creek Painters’ door painting services, you can give your doors a fresh, new look that complements your home’s aesthetic.

We specialize in painting doors of all types, ensuring a smooth, durable finish with Cloverdale Renaissance Alkyd Enamel. Whether you have flat or paneled doors, our expert painting will enhance their appearance and longevity.

Our Door Painting Process

Transform your doors with our expert painting process, tailored to bring new life to every entrance. Here’s our approach to achieving the perfect finish.

1) Consultation

We discuss your preferences for colour and finish to match your home’s style.

2) Preparation of Work Area

We set up protective coverings to safeguard your home’s interior and exterior.

3) Door Surface Preparation

We clean and lightly sand the old paint to ensure a smooth painting surface.

4) Primer Application

A coat of primer is applied for enhanced paint adhesion and longevity.

5) Painting

We apply two coats of Cloverdale Renaissance Alkyd Enamel for a superior finish.

6) Final Clean-Up and Review

Our team cleans up the workspace and conducts a final walkthrough with you to ensure your satisfaction with the result.

Why Choose Mill Creek Painters for Door Painting?

At Mill Creek Painters, our door painting services are designed to provide exceptional quality and lasting beauty. 

From meticulous preparation to premium paint selection and expert application, we ensure that each door painting project enhances your home’s charm and elegance.

Here’s why Mill Creek Painters is the best choice for your door painting needs.

"Excellent work for my garage door painting and exterior wall. Friendly staff and good job done! Thank you very much"
Nancy M.

Expert Preparation and Tools

We begin every door painting project with meticulous preparation. This includes sanding the door to create a smooth surface, cleaning it with a damp rag, and using painter’s tape to protect door hardware and adjacent areas. Our team uses high-quality painting tools such as foam rollers, angled brushes, and small rollers to achieve a smooth finish without brush marks.

Premium Paint Selection

For interior doors, we recommend using latex paint for its quick drying time and easy cleanup. When painting exterior doors, we use durable exterior paint that withstands the elements. Whether you prefer a semi-gloss, gloss, or satin finish, we ensure the paint colour complements your home’s decor. Our top choices include Benjamin Moore for its excellent coverage and vibrant colours.

Exterior Door Painting Experts

A freshly painted front door can significantly boost your home’s curb appeal. We offer a variety of front door paint options, including oil-based paint for its durability and rich finish. Choose a bold color to make a statement or stick with classic white paint for a timeless look. 

Professional Results Every Time

Our team of professional painters ensures that every door painting project is completed to the highest standards. From start to finish, we pay attention to every detail including the door frame, door knob, and entire door have a flawless finish that enhances the beauty of your home.

Expert Painting Services Near You!

At Mill Creek Painters, our goal is to service all of Alberta with our Residential Painting and Commercial Painting Services. 

Your go-to Edmonton Painters, transforming homes with a blend of tradition and trend in every project, big or small.

Address: 10060 Jasper Ave #2020, Edmonton, AB T5J 3R8
Phone: (587) 400-1475

Experience the artistry of our Calgary Painters, where every stroke adds sophistication and charm to your spaces.

Address: 330 5 St SW #1800, Calgary, AB T2P 0L4
Phone: (587) 333-0163

Our Grande Prairie Painters are taking Peace Country by storm, infusing local charm into every corner of your home.

Address: 9924 113 Avenue, Grande Prairie, AB T8V 1W7
Phone: (587) 818-5030


We proudly serve Alberta in Edmonton, Sherwood Park, St. Albert, Spruce Grove, Stony Plain, Calgary, Airdrie, Grande Prairie, and Okotoks.


Minimum two-year guarantee on our interior work and your satisfaction.

Free Estimates

We’ll help you make the right choice for your space.

Licensed & Insured

We are bonded and we carry commercial liability insurance, WCB coverage, and a pre-paid contractor’s licence.

Door Painting FAQs

Have questions about our Door Painting Services? No problem! We do our best to be as transparent and forthcoming about our services so that you feel comfortable. Take a read through some of our most frequently asked painting questions. 

If you still have questions about an upcoming paint job, give us a call!

Painting interior doors is a great way to refresh the look of your home. It not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also helps in maintaining the doors, especially considering the constant use and wear they undergo. A fresh coat of paint can significantly improve the overall appearance of your space.

The cost for professional interior door painting can range from $50 to $250 per door. This price can vary based on the type of door, its condition, and whether additional work such as sanding, caulking, or painting the trim is needed.

Yes, most quotes from Alberta painters do include the cost of paint. At Mill Creek Painters, our quotes include one wall colour and one trim colour. Additional colours may be an extra charge and we will discuss this in your initial consultation.

When it comes to painting interior doors, don't be afraid to experiment with colour. A pop of colour can add personality to a room, especially if the overall colour scheme is monochromatic. A vibrant colour on a door can make a significant impact in a room painted in neutral tones.

Before painting your interior doors, consider the type of door, its current condition, and the desired finish. It's also important to think about the surrounding decor and how the door colour will complement the overall design of your space.

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