Epoxy Flooring Services

Discover the durability and elegance of UV-resistant epoxy flooring. Perfect for garages and decorative spaces.

Epoxy Flooring Installation

Mill Creek Painters has years of experience in epoxy flooring installation and we are dedicated to delivering not just exceptional workmanship, but also the finest products, all within a safe and secure environment.

Understanding the importance of time, we ensure that our projects align seamlessly with your schedule. Our commitment extends to providing cost-effective epoxy flooring solutions without compromising on the high quality that our clients have come to expect from us.

The Epoxy Flooring Installation Process

Take a look at our meticulous 6-step process, ensuring your epoxy flooring is applied with precision, quality, and lasting beauty.

1) Surface Preparation

First, we start by diamond grinding your concrete. This crucial step ensures a proper surface profile, which is key for the maximum adhesion of the epoxy.

This preparation lays the foundation for a smooth, long-lasting epoxy application.

2) Crack and Pit Repair

Next, if necessary, we address any cracks or pitting in the concrete. Using our polymer-modified concrete or epoxy patch, we meticulously repair these imperfections.

This step is vital for ensuring a uniform and flawless surface before the epoxy application.

3) Basecoat Application

Once the surface is prepared and repaired, we apply a basecoat of a 100% solids commercial-grade epoxy primer.

This layer serves as a strong foundation for the subsequent decorative and protective layers, ensuring durability and quality.

4) Decorative Flake Broadcast

Following the basecoat, we broadcast the decorative flake in the color of your choice.

This step adds a unique aesthetic appeal to the flooring, allowing for customization and personalization to match your style or branding.

5) Intermediate Layer

As an additional step, we apply an intermediate layer of epoxy.

This layer enhances the depth and durability of the flooring, ensuring that the decorative flakes are fully encapsulated and the surface is even and smooth.

6) Final Topcoat Application

Finally, we apply a final topcoat of Resuflor UVE for optimal hardening.

This topcoat is crucial for providing a hard, resilient surface that withstands daily wear and tear, ensuring your epoxy flooring remains beautiful and functional for years to come.

Only The Best Products

Mill Creek Painters use only the best materials for our projects, which is why we use Resuflor UVE (Ultraviolet Epoxy).

This high solids epoxy stands out for its exceptional UV resistance, ensuring that your flooring maintains its colour and finish even under prolonged exposure to sunlight.

Versatile in its application, Resuflor UVE can be effectively used as a prime coat, build coat, or grout coat, making it a highly adaptable solution for various flooring needs.

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Minimum two-year guarantee on our interior work and your satisfaction.

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Epoxy Flooring FAQs

Have questions about our Epoxy Flooring Installation Services? No problem! We do our best to be as transparent and forthcoming about our services so that you feel comfortable. Take a read through some of our most frequently asked painting questions. 

If you still have questions, give us a call!

This can vary greatly depending on the amount of traffic and use the floor gets. Typically, this flooring lasts 5-15 years before needing to be refinished.
Our floors are rated at 125 inch pounds. They are very hard but not impossible to damage if something very heavy is dropped on it.
We can do any solid colour, and if you like we can do most colours of flakes. Some popular colours are Black, Grey, Blue, Orange, or some combination of these.
It is flammable while curing, but not flammable once it is hard. It can withstand prolonged exposure of up to 200 degrees Celsius. It will take damage from welding slag and may take damage from sparks.
If it is frequently exposed to UV light, epoxy will yellow over time. In a typical garage, it may take more than ten years to start to turn yellow as UV exposure is limited.
It is fully cured after 72 hours. It takes our crew about two days to diamond grind and apply epoxy to a two-car garage.
We warranty all labour and will repair any bubbling within five years of the installation date. We do not warranty cracking as concrete can shift and crack beyond our control.
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