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Mill Creek Painters can’t wait to elevate your home with our professional Trim & Baseboard Painting Services.

Mill Creek Painters - Trim Painting Service

Enhance the elegance of your home with Mill Creek Painters’ trim painting services. We’re experts in all things trim painting, from baseboards and door frames to window trim specialty wood trim. Whether it’s wainscoting, chair rails, or crown molding, we’re confident we can provide an exceptional paint job.

Our experienced painters understand the importance of precision and good quality paint when it comes to trim painting. This is why we use Cloverdale Renaissance Alkyd Enamel. It has exceptional water resistance and durability, ensuring your trim withstands the test of time.

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Our Trim & Baseboard Painting Process

Discover the precision and care we put into every trim and baseboard painting job. Our process is designed to deliver impeccable results:

1) Initial Assessment

Whether we’re painting walls or trim, we always start with an assessment. We’ll inspect all the trim that need to be painted to get a good feel for the painting project ahead.

2) Protective Set-Up

We carefully cover adjacent areas with drop cloths and adjacent walls with painter’s tape to protect your home during the painting process.

3) Surface Preparation

To prepare the trim for paint we sand them to smooth out any imperfections, wipe with a damp rag, then prime with an oil based primer.

4) Paint Application

We apply two coats of semi-gloss paint starting from one corner and working a few feet at a time to avoid dried paint lines. We make sure to remove excess paint as we go for a clean finish.

5) Detailing

After painting, we check the painted trim for any missed spots or excess paint and make necessary touch-ups.

6) Final Clean-Up and Review

We always ensure a thorough clean-up, removing all protective coverings and cleaning the area thoroughly, leaving your living room, dining room, or entire house looking pristine.

Expert Painting Services Near You!

At Mill Creek Painters, our goal is to service all of Alberta with our Residential Painting and Commercial Painting Services. 

Your go-to Edmonton Painters, transforming homes with a blend of tradition and trend in every project, big or small.

Address: 10060 Jasper Ave #2020, Edmonton, AB T5J 3R8
Phone: (587) 400-1475

Experience the artistry of our Calgary Painters, where every stroke adds sophistication and charm to your spaces.

Address: 330 5 St SW #1800, Calgary, AB T2P 0L4
Phone: (587) 333-0163

Our Grande Prairie Painters are taking Peace Country by storm, infusing local charm into every corner of your home.

Address: 9924 113 Avenue, Grande Prairie, AB T8V 1W7
Phone: (587) 818-5030


We proudly serve Alberta in Edmonton, Sherwood Park, St. Albert, Spruce Grove, Stony Plain, Calgary, Airdrie, Grande Prairie, and Okotoks.


Minimum two-year guarantee on our interior work and your satisfaction.

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We are bonded and we carry commercial liability insurance, WCB coverage, and a pre-paid contractor’s licence.

Trim Painting Tips & FAQs

Have questions about our Trim Painting Services? No problem! We do our best to be as transparent and forthcoming about our services so that you feel comfortable. Take a read through some of our most frequently asked painting questions. 

If you still have questions, give us a call!

The cost of painting a house in Alberta depends on a few factors, one being its size. For smaller homes, the price typically ranges from $2,000 to $5,000. Medium-sized homes may cost between $5,000 and $10,000, while larger homes can range from $10,000 to $15,000.

Yes, most quotes from Alberta painters do include the cost of paint. At Mill Creek Painters, our quotes include one wall colour and one trim colour. Additional colours may be an extra charge and we will discuss this in your initial consultation.

In Alberta, most painters charge an hourly labour cost ranging from $40 to $80 per hour, excluding taxes and overhead. This is the average cost you can expect to pay a professional painter per hour in Alberta.

Quality is very important in all of our painting jobs. We start with a detailed assessment and preparation, followed by the application of high-quality paint. Our experienced painters pay close attention to detail, ensuring every inch of your trim is perfectly covered. We finish with a thorough clean-up and a final review to ensure the job meets our high standards and your expectations.

During the trim painting process, we take great care to protect your home. We cover adjacent areas to prevent any paint spills or splatters. After painting, we conduct a detailed clean-up, ensuring your home is left tidy and spotless. Our goal is to leave your space looking better than we found it, with beautifully painted trim and no mess left behind.

To achieve a professional finish when painting trim, it's essential to have the right tools. You'll need a damp sponge for cleaning the surfaces, an angled brush for precision painting, a putty knife to fill nail holes, and painter's tape to protect adjacent areas. These tools will help you achieve a smooth and polished look for your trim.

When painting trim, the best paint options include oil-based paint for durability and a smooth finish. For a classic look, white trim paint with a semi-gloss finish is popular. If you prefer a different type, latex paint is a versatile choice, while flat paint is generally not recommended for trim due to its lack of durability. Water-based paint is another option, particularly for areas with stained wood or raw wood, providing a glossy finish that enhances the trim's appearance.

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