Kitchen Cabinet Packages

The average kitchen remodel costs homeowners around $25,000. Choosing to paint your cabinets can cost you a quarter of a remodel! Please take a look at our packages below:

This package is our most popular. All doors and hardware are removed. Doors are sprayed to give them a factory-finish look. This is usually done off-site. We then spray the base cabinets, gable ends, kick plates, crowns and valances on-site. Most of our clients also opt to replace the hardware, giving them a totally brand-new look.

 Cosy Kitchen

From $200 per door/drawer

With this cabinet package, we remove all doors and hardware and paint both doors and base cabinets on-site. Hardware can be replaced or returned to the doors. This package is commonly picked if the base cabinets are still in decent shape and just need a refresher.

Brand New Kitchen

From $150 per door/drawer

It is possible to make a kitchen look new on a budget. For this package, we leave the doors on and paint around the existing hardware to make them look new. Refinishing base cabinets are not included in this package.

Rustic Style Kitchen

From $100 per door/drawer

Please note that rates vary based on condition of surfaces, number of coats needed, and other factors.