Commercial Painting

COVID-19 Protocols

Mill Creek Painters is committed to the safety of both our painters and clients during the COVID-19 pandemic. We are currently open during our regular hours of operation. We are following all safety guidelines set out by The Government of CanadaThe province of Alberta, the province of Saskatchewan, City of Edmonton. and the city of Regina. Additionally, we have set out the following precautions for our painters:

  • All painters are to wear a mask at all times and sanitize often while on the premises

  • All painters are using their own equipment

  • All painters are to complete a self-assessment each morning to monitor for COVID-19 symptoms

We also ask that our clients stay in a separate room while our painters are working so we can maintain proper social distancing.

Commercial Painting

When it comes to commercial painting, the two major concerns for a business is how long will it take and how much will it cost. At Mill Creek Painters, we are able to provide you with different painting solutions at affordable prices.


You can expect our professionals to complete any painting project with a clean, attractive, polished finish. Our company understands the importance the look of your space plays on customer experience, and we will provide the highest quality commercial painting solution.

We are currently taking new commercial projects for spaces under 5000 square feet. We specialize in offices, apartment buildings, churches, retail stores and barns. Our rates start at $0.75 per square foot of wall space for commercial spaces and may vary based on condition, height, and number of coats needed.

You Name It, We Paint It!

Pro Co Painting has painted for hundreds of commercial clients. Our ability to quickly and thoroughly execute a project that minimally impacts business operations and employee activities while enhancing the business’ appearance has led to repeat business from some highly recognizable and respected businesses among the following categories:

  • Hotels

  • Restaurants

  • Medical/Dental Offices

  • Technology Companies

  • Shopping Centres

  • Schools & Daycares

  • Commercial Warehouses

  • Automotive Shops

  • Property Management Managed Spaces

Are You A Schedule-Constrained Company?

For those looking to paint offices, medical / dental clinics or other schedule-constrained locations, we are able to schedule weekend, evening and holiday work, as required. This will ensure minimal downtime for your business.