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Wall, Trim & Door Painting

Refresh the Space in Your Home to Gather With Family & Friends

Painting your home can transform it into a welcoming place for your friends and family to enjoy. Whether it's a refresh or a complete colour change, new paint will breathe new life into your home.


Why Choose the Professionals at Mill Creek Painters?

Imagine the perfect atmosphere of warmth and comfort. Mill Creek Painters offers valuable tips for choosing the right paint colors for your particular space and taste. Since warm colors appear to advance rather than recede, choosing sunny colors for large open rooms can make them seem more intimate. Neutral colors complement, rather than compete with, expansive outdoor views, allowing nature’s beauty to become an integral part of the living space.

White paint on molding and trim can reveal beautiful details of design and craftsmanship. Beautiful fabrics can drive the selection of wall colors that highlight the lovely nuances of furnishings and accessories. A northern exposure will fill a room with cool bluish light, beautifully intensifying cool hues. Warm, yellowish light flooding a south-facing room may enrich shades of green, gold and yellow in the room, but can weaken more delicate cool blue tones.

Transform Your Space Today!

What Can We Paint?

Painting window trim with a brush.
Painter using a roller to paint walls.
  • Walls - We can refresh the same colour on any wall with one coat of the same colour. Colour changes can be two to four coats, depending on the colour we are covering. We never use "contractor paint" - the paint we normally use on walls is Cloverdale Super Acrylic II for improved durability and washability.

  • Trim & Baseboard – The most common colour we paint on trim and baseboard is white semi-gloss. Using a brush and sometimes a roller, we can often give a brand new look to trim with two coats. Painting white over darker trim can sometimes take five to six coats of paint. The paint we use is Cloverdale Renaissance Alkyd Enamel for excellent water resistance, and exceptional resistance to wear and tear.

  • Doors - Doors come in all shapes and sizes but most frequently we paint flat and paneled doors with two coats of Cloverdale Renaissance Alkyd Enamel for improved durability.

  • Window Sashes & Door Casings - Similar to doors and trim, we can paint all door casings and window sashes with two coats of Cloverdale Renaissance Alkyd Enamel for improved moisture resistance and durability.

Our Expert Painting Process Includes:

Not all projects are the same, the process will vary depending on the condition of walls and trim you have and the scope of work to be done. The below gives a high level overview of what to expect with a repaint project.

Transform Your Space Today!

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