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Lawn Painting

Why You Should Paint Your Grass


Mill Creek Painters provides a solution to drought-stricken grass while also providing gorgeous consistency in actively growing grass that may otherwise not be possible or take gallons of chemicals and hours of labor more. We use Endurant organic turf paint which has become the best solution for managing dormant, dead-looking brown grass that comes each year in warm season grass varieties. Warm season grasses, including Bermuda, Zoysia and Centipede naturally go into dormancy with the coming of each frost. Also, fescue turf grass types tend to burn up, brown and dry out in summer months due to water restrictions and weather conditions.

  • Warm season grasses have the healthy look of summertime year round with brown grass

  • Turfgrasses get the look of being overseeded but at a fraction of the cost and water requirements by instead using brown grass

  • Lawns can look so green and lush, people think it required lots of time, fertilizers, other chemicals and over-watering – but it’s Endurant organic colorant

  • Endurant provides a solution and alternative to the harmful fertilizers that include phosphorus and nitrogen harming water quality and water supplies

  • Endurant organic lawn colorant provides a solution to challenges posed by water restrictions

Painting turf keeps grass looking beautiful, healthy and uniform.

Endurant Turf Colorant often costs 80% less than the cost to overseed and maintain overseeded turf. That is money in the bank!

Using a turf colorant will save money on watering.

Using a turf colorant reduces the amount of chemicals needed for lawn management

Endurant Turf Colorant is safe for the environment

Painted turf will often transition out of dormancy weeks before unpainted turf.

Industry advantages and history of usage

Endurant has been in use for years by golf course superintendents and other athletic field professionals looking for an edge to provide the best playing surfaces and aesthetics possible. Dormant brown grass doesn’t provide the contrast needed for playability nor meet the expectations of the world’s top players and athletes. Meanwhile golf course superintendents sought to manage their budgets, meet pressures to reduce resource and chemical usage while protecting the environment.

Lawn Colorant provides the solution to baseball, football and soccer organizations, improving athletic fields’ management while also revolutionizing golf course management and even horse track management, among others.

Likewise, sod growers sought an edge to deliver the best looking turf grass possible to consumers regardless of an approaching dormancy and while protecting the water and environments’ of the communities in which they farm—Endurant provided solutions., saving money, improving quality and protecting the environment.

Landscapers and homeowners are also increasingly aware of the effects that their lawn care practices can have on water supplies, water quality and the environment. Allowing nitrates and potassium from ground fertilization to flow into rivers, ponds, oceans and lakes is quickly and permanently damaging these bodies of water in addition to the humans and wildlife that depend upon them.

Painting grass gives the desired look without the watering and harsh chemicals. Painting is easy, less expensive and can improve the health of the lawn.

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Transform Your Lawn Today!

Why is painting with Endurant Organic Turf Colorant better than over-seeding?

  • Endurant Organic turf colorant is environmentally friendly.

  • Endurant contains no harsh chemicals.

  • Endurant provides a solution to the use of fertilizers, which are damaging our water supplies.

  • Endurant organic colorant is less expensive than overseeding, over-fertilizing, over-watering andthatching each spring.

  • Overseeding creates a secondary root system that can choke out and damage the lawn’s primary root system.

  • Endurant colorants provide natural, lush green lawns in hours instead of weeks or months.

  • Endurant provides consistent color and quality.

  • Endurant mildly increases the temperature of the lawn in the winter leading to early springtime green up and health.

  • Year round natural healthy vibrant green is provided by Endurant.

  • Endurant saves water usage.

  • Endurant provides sod protection in the winter

  • Endurant eliminates the costly need to over seed

  • Endurant is not affected by rain or snow (However, it is best to allow 8 hours after application before an expected rain)

  • Endurant is non toxic

  • Endurant is long lasting, for up to 3 months or more

  • Endurant can provide the best looking lawn on the block

  • Endurant saves money, time and water

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