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Black painted garage door

Garage Door Painting

Our team is able to accommodate both residential and commercial garage door painting needs, offering both traditional paint and spray paint solutions.

Over time, garage doors become faded and lose their original colour. At Mill Creek Painters, we provide clients with professional garage door painting services, guaranteed. We accomplish garage door refinishing on aluminum garage doors that will have them looking like new again. We clean the surface of your garage door, remove all loose paint and prepare it for the painting process. We can even fix minor dings and dents on the doors where possible. Read more about our process below.

garage door painted white to black

Transform Your Garage Door Today!


In all kinds of painting service we offer in Edmonton and Calgary, we always follow our principles that we trust and believe to deliver you the best and fastest result. Our service start when you call us and we will listen to your need and go over options and estimates. We will be very transparent and honest with you and will give you realistic yet lowest-priced estimates possible.

1. Remove Weather-Stripping

For us to properly paint the entire surface of the door and create a bond that will last, we need to remove the existing weather stripping. Once this is removed, we can paint the entire door surface. Depending on the condition of your weather stripping, it is often a good time to replace it at this time.

2. Scrape, Sand (if necessary) and Clean the Door

This step is critical as it can determine whether or not your paint job is successful. The best way to do this is – of course – to hire a professional. We ensure the surface is prepared so that the paint will bond to the door. Any dirt or dust left on the door prior to painting may cause peeling in the future. Wooden doors usually require extensive scraping and sanding prior to painting.

3. Apply A Polyurethane Variable-Substrate Enamel Directly on the Door

It is very important to choose a product that is formulated for a corrugated aluminum garage door. Other paints may have trouble adhering even with a primer coat underneath. We apply two coats of Cloverdale Multi-Master VST Acrylic Polyurethane Enamel on the door.

4. Use The Right Tools

We use professional brushes and rollers to ensure there are no streaks, brush marks or roller marks on the door. It’s a good idea to hire a professional siding contractor who has experience with refinishing aluminum doors. Handling these tools can be more art than science and mistakes can become readily apparent if care isn’t taken.

5. Clean Up

This is the step where we re-install the weather stripping, clean up all of our equipment and materials, and you are left with a beautifully refinished garage door.

Our Product of Choice

A can of Cloverdale Multimaster

Cloverdale MultiMaster is a Water-borne Acrylic Polyurethane Enamel designed for both interior and exterior applications. Formulated with our VST (Variable Substrate Technology), this universal coating provides both functionality and aesthetic value in a low odour, non-flammable formulation. This quick dry product can be applied by brush, roll or spray with excellent flow and leveling. This hard wearing, non-blocking product it can be used for both commercial and DIY applications and complies with Government of Canada Emission regulations under category 52. This product can be applied to both wood and aluminum doors.

wooden garage door painted before and after

Transform Your Garage Door Today!

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