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epoxy floor

Mill Creek Painters Epoxy Flooring System

Mill Creek Painters Ltd. specializes in epoxy flooring installation. Our company is committed to giving you quality work with outstanding products delivered in a safe surrounding while meeting your target schedule. Hence, we offer affordable epoxy flooring cost that meets the high-quality products.

Our Process

diamond grinding a concrete floor

Step 1

We diamond grind your concrete to achieve a proper surface profile for maximum adhesion of the epoxy.


Step 3

We apply a basecoat of a 100% solids commercial grade epoxy primer.

Top Coat.jpg

Step 5

Apply a final topcoat of Resuflor UVE for optimal hardening.


Step 2

(if necessary) We fix any cracks or pitting that may exist using our polymer modified oncrete or epoxy patch.


Step 4

We broadcast the decorative flake with your color of your choice.

Epoxy Flooring in Garage

We Only Use The Best Epoxy Coatings That Will Last


We use Resuflor UVE (Ultraviolet Epoxy), a high solids epoxy with excellent UV resistance. It can be used as a prime coat, build coat or grout coat and is frequently used in both pigmented and decorative flooring systems. It is an excellent product for long-lasting garage floor coatings.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does an epoxy floor last?

This can vary greatly depending on the amount of traffic and use the floor gets. Typically, this flooring lasts 5-15 years before needing to be refinished.


How hard is epoxy?

Our floors are rated at 125 inch pounds. They are very hard but not impossible to damage if something very heavy is dropped on it.


What colour options are available?

We can do any solid colour, and if you like we can do most colours of flakes. Some popular colours are:

  • Black

  • Grey

  • Blue

  • Orange

Or some combination of these.


Is epoxy fire-proof?

It is flammable while curing, but not flammable once it is hard. It can withstand prolonged exposure of up to 200 degrees Celsius. It will take damage from welding slag and may take damage from sparks.


Does epoxy turn yellow over time?

If it is frequently exposed to UV light, epoxy will yellow over time. In a typical garage, it may take more than ten years to start to turn yellow as UV exposure is limited.

How long does epoxy take to cure?

It is fully cured after 72 hours. It takes our crew about two days to diamond grind and apply epoxy to a two-car garage.

What is the warranty?

We warranty all labour and will repair any bubbling within five years of the installation date. We do not warranty cracking as concrete can shift and crack beyond our control.


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