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Painted ceiling

Ceiling Painting & Texturing

Ceiling Painting & Texturing Services by Mill Creek Painters

Did you know that overtime the color of your ceiling will change? Unfortunately, over time, ceilings tend to turn shades of yellow, but it is so gradual that most home and business owners don’t realize its happening. The yellowing can be caused by sunlight, moisture, candles, smoke, cooking oils and other everyday wear and tear. Once you see it, you won’t be able to ignore it. Our painting team provides high quality ceiling painting services in the Edmonton and Calgary areas. Our skilled professionals can help give your flat, popcorn or knockdown ceiling a fresh look.

Newly painted living room in neutral colours.

Tips on Painting Ceilings

Of course we would suggest you get an expert to fix your ceiling, but we know there are DIYers out there that will do it on their own. Our local Mill Creek Painters team has been painting in the Edmonton and Calgary areas for years and has some basic tips to help you out with your flat ceiling.


Stain Blocking Primers

Ceilings can pick up all sorts of stains, from water stains, smoke stains and other random things that end up there. A stain blocking primer such as Kilz that is used by the Mill Creek Painters team will allow you to cover any stains and odors so they don’t show up after you finish painting.

Buy a Ceiling Paint

Ceiling paints are often formulated to dry slowly, not splatter and dry flat instead of glossy. These properties will yield the best results, and as such, we highly recommend using ceiling paints, especially when you are learning.

Cut Before you Roll

Make sure you cut in with a paint brush before you start rolling. Just like when you are painting a wall. If you only cut a smaller section, you will be able to save some time as you will be able to roll on a wet edge.

Roll Both Directions

It’s critical when painting ceilings that you roll in both directions. We would suggest starting with 5-6 square foot blocks to ensure you can continue to paint on a wet edge. You’ll get the best results by rolling 90 degrees to your first roll direction immediately after finishing the block.

Transform Your Ceiling Today!

Textured Ceiling Painting Services

Spray painting a popcorn ceiling.
Painting contractor rolling flat ceiling

While we always spray paint on popcorn ceilings, knockdown ceilings can be rolled or sprayed depending on the size of the room and the preparation required. It is usually more time-effective to spray. We first prepare all the areas by masking off walls and furniture and covering floors with drop cloths. It takes many hours for the paint to leave the air of the home and it is recommended that you stay out for at least 24 hours.

Transform Your Ceiling Today!

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